Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 Version 9 Free

Browse the web with top notch features without compromising on the speed

If you feel that your current browser lacks enough punch to allow you to browse the web at fast speeds, then making the switch to Internet Explorer 9 would be a sensible choice. Developed using advanced browser technologies, this browser is future-proof as it is capable of supporting all the modern day online security protocols and web technologies so that you are able to enjoy a seamless browsing experience every time you go online. The user interface of this browser follows a tabbed approach where users can open several tabs at once and access multiple sites.

There is a solid bookmark manager which allows you to manage all your favorite sites without losing track of them. The address bar comes with an enhanced autocomplete feature which is more intelligent than its predecessors and it is capable of finding the website which you are planning to visit as you start typing them. Users can install compatible add-ons and plugins to the browser if they need them to perform additional functions when browsing the web such as downloading torrents and capturing the latest news feeds. You can also block annoying ads and popups with the embedded popup blocker. With advanced hardware acceleration, you will notice that your webpages load much faster than earlier versions.
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